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Frequently AskedQuestions

Why start an independent company? Why not fold yourself into one of the other available companies? Why now?

We started an independent company because our mission at California Berry Cultivars, LLC is to provide high quality cultivars to the strawberry industry. In order to do that we need the freedom to operate in a manner that best serves the strawberry industry rather than an individual company. As an independent LLC we are able to fulfill this mission. Finally, the industry is undergoing many changes and it will take a diverse set of stakeholders to solve the challenges the industry faces. At CBC we view ourselves as a natural complement to the multitude of public and private researchers currently working on these challenges.

Will you hold field days and provide disease and farming conditions research to California strawberry growers?

Yes. At California Berry Cultivars we are committed to being a complete source of breeding and strawberry R&D for the California strawberry industry.

When can we expect new varieties?

The development of a new cultivar takes many years – typically between 6 and 10 – and depends on many different factors. We plan to begin grower trials as early as fall of 2017.. Stay tuned for more updates!

Will I be able to purchase those new varieties?

Yes. We plan on making our strawberry cultivars available to the California, U.S., and international markets.

Who can I contact for more information on California Berry Cultivars?

You can contact Lucky Westwood or Kyle VandenLangenberg for more information, or email us at

Lucky Westwood:

Kyle VandenLangenberg: