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Currently, our team at California Berry Cultivars is engaged in developing new cultivars for use in both short-day and day-neutral markets. Our efforts focus on the balanced development of cultivars with superior yield, quality, and environmental tolerance traits.

Since our program is primarily field-based, we spend years testing under typical farm conditions before a grower ever plants one of our cultivars. This helps ensure high-quality products and allows us to make best-practice recommendations so that growers can maximize their quality yields while shippers maximize their arrivals.

Throughout our on-farm testing we conduct vigorous disease screening trials for common soil-borne diseases in order to provide our customers with the most disease-resistant cultivars. We also conduct on-farm trials using various horticultural practices in order to provide our customers with best-practice recommendations for each of our products.

In the years to come we will have a full array of products available for the marketplace. We will also continue to conduct dynamic scientific research in order to provide the industry with up-to-date and relevant best-practice recommendations.